The undisputed, high velocity champ of the SureStrike System. Firing 17-30 gr. bullets at phenomenal velocities while using miniscule powder charges, this caliber offers devastating terminal shock effect. Couple that intense speed with minimal muzzle blast and virtually no recoil or loss of scope image and you’ve likely never had as big a blast with so little of one.

SureStrike System’s on-target choice for high velocity with less wind sensitivity. Firing 30-45 gr. bullets at 3,000+ fps and using small powder charges, this caliber offers a fine balance of velocity and terminal shock effect. And as with all SureStrike cartridges, you’ll experience minimal muzzle blast and virtually no recoil or loss of scope image. Winds of change, take that!

When versatility is the name of the game, it’s hard to argue with the SureStrike’s .22 Garin. Firing 30-55 gr. bullets in a multitude of styles and configurations, this mighty-mite can answer any varmint application you throw at – and all with less noise and burned powder than its bigger cousins. More, you say? With proper twist rate barrels, even heavier bullets can be used.

Another SureStrike System first – a short to mid-range 6mm! Firing 55-65 gr. bullets with exceptional accuracy, this middleweight champion fills the need for heavier bullets at high velocity for larger varmints. Why burn 50 grs of powder when less than 20 will do? What we wouldn’t give for a 2.5x return on all of our investments!

With its .25 Garin, the SureStrike System revives the “all-American” caliber. Time and modern centerfire 22’s slowly drove short and medium range workhorses like the 25-20, 25-35, and 25 Stevens into retirement, but now modern cartridge cases, newer powders and bullets allow SureStrike to revive this most useful caliber. Firing 60-87 gr. bullets at 500-750 fps faster than their ancestors, these rounds bring an old favorite into the 21st century—and quickly!