The Garin SureStrike System is a complete line of five highly efficient and accurate cartridges designed for varmint, small game and target pursuits. Differing only by specific neck diameter and identical from the neck down, these cartridges are based on the .30 caliber M-1 Carbine case and are available in .17 Garin, .20 Garin, .22 Garin, 6mm Garin and .25 Garin. The broad choice of calibers, bullet weights, ballistic coefficients and powders allows shooters to select the most ballistically appropriate cartridge for their chosen application and conditions. These innovative features, along with a low noise signature and minimal recoil, are certain to be SureStrike for you.

Why SureStrike?

  • Working loads with maximum accuracy, but modest noise and recoil, effective to 300 yards
  • Minimal felt recoil for careful balancing and sight/head placement
  • Minimal disruption of sight picture upon firing
  • Minimal muzzle blast through careful matching of powder speed, bullet weight, and barrel length
  • Provides a broad choice of bullet calibers and weights:
    • 17 caliber 15-30 gr.
    • 20 caliber 30-50 gr.
    • 22 caliber 30-52 gr.
    • 6mm cal. 55-85 gr.
    • 25 caliber 60-110 gr.
  • Provides a broad choice ballistic coefficients and powders that can tailored to the specific demands of both hunters and target shooters
  • Allows shooter to select the most ballistically appropriate cartridge for his chosen application and conditions
  • Apply the cartridge system to different styles and types of firearms